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ISO-9001:2000 certified Louwers Glass & Ceramic Technologies, HAPERT (NL) Tel. +31 497 339 696

Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies is an ISO-9001:2000 certified company (certified by TÜV) The very nature of our business and that of our clients makes quality our number one priority.                           

In order to maintain and guarantee quality, all Louwers' systems and processes are continually evaluated and, as and when required, improved upon. We comply with the highest possible professional standards as defined in ISO-9001:2000 certification (certified by TUV). And we make optimal use of our advanced measurement systems, CNC-driven machinery, SPC-controlled production systems and clean room facilities. At Louwers it is the customer who defines specifications, but it is our own specialised staff who decide how best to meet those specifications. In so doing, quality always remains paramount, also when it comes to less 'technical' issues such as the supply of a finished product on time and within budget.