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ISO-9001:2000 certified Louwers Glass & Ceramic Technologies, HAPERT (NL) Tel. +31 497 339 696

"Total Client Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement".                                                                                                   

Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies has been a leading specialist in a highly competitive sector for more than 40 years. Driven by the ambition to meet the ever changing requirements of the market. To retain that position we have built on our vast experience in engineering and production of technical glass and advanced ceramic components to continually develop new skills, new technologies, new applications and new markets. Today we use our flexibility and expertise to offer our customers the most advanced technologies available. Producing components of a quality and precision previously unattainable. And given our highly skilled and motivated workforce, plus the very best machines, equipment and production facilities, we intend to continue setting the highest possible standards for a long time to come.