Louwers Glass Technology and Advanced Ceramics
'Lab on Chip' technology especially in DNA R&D
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ISO-9001:2000 certified Louwers Glass & Ceramic Technologies, HAPERT (NL) Tel. +31 497 339 696


Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies finds world leading companies in the Analytical Industry amongst its' customer base. Louwers produces all kinds of precision components for PH-electrodes, pressure transducers, micro reactors and complex tomographical reactor vessels.

The analytical industry is using more and more robotised processing methods. This requires high accuracy and low tolerances from the glass and ceramic components that are used. One of the trends in the analytical market is to work with micro or nano quantities. Electronics is more and more part of analytical technologies. The interest in so called 'Lab on Chip' technology is increasing rapidly (especially in DNA R&D). Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies and its' engineers operate on the forefront of these new developments in offering practical solutions in this exciting new area like ultra precision ceramic and glass micro channel devices.

Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies markets its' own stopcocks, the so called Vacutap/O-Ring Valves on a world wide scale. These stopcocks are used for many years in the automated process equipment especially for Carbon-analyses. Leading Geological and Oceanographic institutes around the world are amongst Louwers' client base.