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ISO-9001:2000 certified Louwers Glass & Ceramic Technologies, HAPERT (NL) Tel. +31 497 339 696

Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies has a long history of supplying the pharmaceutical market with a variety of different products.

Applications of technical glass products or precision components are widely spread in the Pharmaceutical market. The increasing growth in applications like micro processing (Micro Channels or 'Lab on Chip') and robotic processing demand high and consistent precision of its' components.
Basic requirements of technical glass products or components in the pharmaceutical market are temperature shock resistance, chemical inertness, purity, transparency and cleanliness. Of equal importance is the ability to reproduce products in exactly the same way over and over.
At Louwers we understand the demands of the pharmaceutical market. We also have all the necessary production techniques and process control methods (through the use of advanced SPC-models) in place to meet the increasing demands.
lab on a chip. MICRO FLUIDICS with 4 connectors                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies also produces non standard special and complicated glassware for analytical applications like complex reaction vessels and coolers, distillation parts and filtered glassware. All these products are tailor made and on special customers' request only.