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Technical glass is available in a wide variety of different types. Each type of technical glass has its typical chemical and physical properties.

Louwers always searches and advises the best type of technical glass geared at our customers' application. When designing technical glass components or products it is important to bear in mind the various properties of the different types of technical glasses. Each type of technical glass is different regarding the following properties.

  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal coefficient of expansion
  • Optical transmission
  • Viscosity in high temperature ranges (maximum temperature usage)
  • Mechanical strength
At Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies we make sure that only the proper technical glass will be advised, fit for the purpose of the application. Please consult the table of properties of different technical glasses for the various properties of the most common technical glasses.
Louwers Glass and Ceramic Technologies has long term relationships with the world leading manufacturers of technical glass (blocks, plates, rods, tubes) like Schott, Corning and world leading quartz producers. Herewith our customers are assured that only the highest and most consistent quality will be used in their products or applications.