Louwers Glass Technology and Advanced Ceramics
Glass-to-Metal Sealing, Graded Seals,  Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing,  Ceramic-to-Ceramic Sealing, Screen Printing at LOUWERS Glass & Ceramic Technologies
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ISO-9001:2000 certified Louwers Glass & Ceramic Technologies, HAPERT (NL) Tel. +31 497 339 696


Many applications of these technologies are found in the (opto) electronics environment. Applications often require a high temperature resistance, chemical inertness and vacuum leak free products. Louwers uses various bonding technologies like melting, soldering, thermal compression and anodic bonding. The melting of glass and metal components (or other materials) is most frequently used. Louwers has the engineering knowledge to combine various materials in the best way herewith optimizing the different coefficients of expansion, viscosity differences and differences in 'actual joining' temperatures.

Glass Types Metal Types Ceramic Types
Quartz, Borosilicate, Glass Ceramics, Display Glasses Wolfram, Molybdenum, Fernico, Platinum, Nickel, SS, Aluminum Al2O3, Sapphire3N4, SiC, ZrO2
In order to comply with the severe application requirements it is key to find a match between the materials to be used in the sealing or bonding process.
Louwers has the experience, the knowledge and the engineers to establish the right fit.

  • Glass-to-Metal Sealing
  • Glass-to-glass
    • Direct bonding
    • Monolithic bonding
    • Anodic bonding
  • Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing
  • Ceramic-to-Ceramic Sealing
  • Ceramic-to-Glass Sealing
  • Screen Printing
To ensure that all products are leak tight Louwers has the newest testing facilities available like amongst others Helium Leak testing equipment.
Louwers glass and ceramic technologies produces a variety of different products using different bonding and joining technologies.